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Voice of Customer Discovery Interviews

The way we define voice of the customer for B2B suppliers is different from the traditional definition of VOC. This is because we understand that your B2B customers are more insightful, rational, interested and fewer in number than B2C end-consumers. There are ten ways our voice of the customer differs from traditional VOC.

  1. Digital Projection
  2. No Questionnaires
  3. No Selling, No Solving
  4. Customer Needs First
  5. Time Efficient
  6. Market Driven Data
  7. Understand Your Value Chain
  8. Value Propositions
  9. Building Corporate Memory
  10. Designed for the Masses
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We know it can be difficult to grasp how to use Blueprinting, which is why we offer voice of customer training for your team. We’d be happy to spend time with you in a private web conference learning about your specific situation and going over the voice of customer training options. Contact us with any questions about Blueprinting.